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Looking back: 21 days to change a habit?

16 Dec

Today, it’s been exactly three weeks since I started my weight loss journey. Although there were many things I needed to change about my lifestyle in order to live a healthier life, I think the most important (and hardest) thing to do is to change current habits. After all, they took a long time to develop, so going cold turkey on them is a tough process. The one habit I really needed to change was my habit of snacking late at night – basically eating whatever was around, without being hungry. They say it takes 21 days to change habits, so let me tell you about my personal experience.

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Green tea, my lifesaver

13 Dec

Sometimes we all need a little moment of peace. A moment of silence, even. A moment in which we can reconnect with our deepest wishes and goals, to make sure we are still moving in the right direction. When life gets overwhelming, and nothing else seems to matter but our current problems, I find this moment of silence extremely important. I can ban all unwanted stressors for a minute and just let them be. In order to do this, some people like to go for a walk, others like to meditate, but I like to drink tea. So I put on the kettle, pour me a cup of green tea with lemon and close my eyes. Success guaranteed.


Enjoying a healthy snack – unsalted nuts and raisins and a tangerine :)

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9 Dec

Yesterday was a tough day for me. Despite all the lovely comments I received, saying “A loss is a loss” and “You did great”, I still felt kind of betrayed. I felt like I was putting in all the effort, and my body just didn’t hold up its end of the deal. This probably doesn’t make much sense to you, but there’s no other way I can really explain it. I have this implicit expectation in my head that effort equals weight loss, when really, it doesn’t. But I got over it. I realized that maybe the number on the scale isn’t the measurement I should look at.


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Complimenting myself

6 Dec

When’s the last time you complemented yourself? Do you actually compliment yourself at all? I have to answer those questions with ‘I can’t remember’ and ‘no’ – and I think many others will too. I set really high goals for myself and when I reach them, I just kind of expected myself to reach them anyway, so I don’t give myself the credit I deserve. For example: I didn’t eat anything bad yesterday at Sinterklaas. Nothing. No chocolate, no marzipan, no kruidnoten. Instead of being really proud of myself and complimenting myself for it, I just take it for granted. In this post, I want to finally give credit to myself, and hopefully turn this into a habit.

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